Graduation Scale Model Project – Ruse, Bulgaria

/Graduation Scale Model Project – Ruse, Bulgaria
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Project Description


Project Description:

This is for a project for a residential and business district for the city of Ruse, Bulgaria.The city scale shows how the construction of the area would be and how every space would be used. The model covers over 3500 square feet and captures the city’s focal point, a 50 floor, geometrically and uniquely designed high rise commercial building. This building is opting to utilize the strong geometric pattern for a bold visual impression.Surrounding it are also commercial buildings, high rise and low rise alike. Residential infrastructures are scattered around, as the client is aiming for a commercial district that will offer dream day jobs. At the far end of the city scale model is set to be a small suburban area.

This 1:1250 city scale model used white PVC for the building details and the ground was painted black so that it will be able to emphasize the different streets and blocks. Every piece of the project model is glued together in its Plexiglas base. This model took 15 days to complete.