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Project Description

Project Description:

This is a project inspired by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, one of the holiest landmarks in the world. The Wailing Wall was derived from the Arabic phrase “el-Mabka” which means “place of weeping.” This description was given because it described how the Jews came back to mourn for the loss of their temple, which was destroyed by the Romans back in 70 CE. The wall continues to be a symbolism of sanctity and the pilgrimage of prayers for the Jewish.

In the design of the architecture, the wall is revived in a more modern way. It is more interactive and alive for the people to go around and glance at the wondrous site. This recreates what was once destroyed by history and makes it into a more stronghold in the place. Preservation of its remnants can be seen in the scale model. The building continues to be a monument for the Jewish people to focus on their prayers and a reminder of the love and dedication that placed in the building the wall.