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Project Description

Project Description:

This scale model represents the actual finished product of the Global City Residence.This residence was made to represent an air of classiness and luxury.This is an excellent home for those people who would want to experience living in a high-class flat. Made to look somewhat similar to a hotel, the scale shows us how the final structure would end up after construction.

As seen in the model, the whole residential ground is made out of three separated building parts; namely,  the north wing,  the east wing, and the west wing.The east and the west wings are adjacently connected to the north wing with a parking lot that can be found at the center.The building is over ten stories high and has a color combination of white, grey, and brown mixed together in a sophisticated and pleasant manner.

The model also shows that the land area uses an adequate amount of green to add to the design of the entire space. We can see that there are a number of trees in the parking lot and around the entire building. The trees strategically placed around the land contributes to its classy look.These added greeneries are arranged in a box formation, thus making them organized and pleasant to the eyes.

In order to show how cars can go in and park around the area, the scale model included a number of vehicles that can be found in the parking lot and around the building so that clients will know the traffic scheme around this residential building. Aside from that, we can also see a lot of models of people placed around the area. This portrays how people could interact and move around the building.This gives an overall realistic feel so that clients can imagine how life will be at the Global City Residence before they decide to move in or not.