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Project Description

Project Description:

Statistics show that there has been a decline in the construction of commercial buildings due to the economic and financial crisis.And when they are built, design and quality are often compromised.Blueprint Archtiecture architects aim to design a commercial building within the budget that does not sacrifice the most important elements of an architectural structure.

The Concrete Office Building Architectural Model is a detailed office building model made from painted cardboard.The design is economical and modern at the same time.Because it is to be home to businesses, the color palette has been chosen carefully so that it does not overwhelm or bore. It’s a 6-story building with an arched roof and rooftop balcony for those who get the topmost room.The other rooms also have their balcony, although comparatively smaller.

To make the model more realistic, the architects have added minor details such as cutouts of people standing on the rooftop and outside the building. The cutouts also help you visualize how big the building will be.