Conceptual Scale Model – Residence: Cube

/Conceptual Scale Model – Residence: Cube
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Project Description

Project Description:

This is a conceptual scale model of a cubic residence.It shows the beautiful geometric interior of the house without the inner walls, the roof, and the furniture.It is a four-sided building with solid and assuring concrete exterior walls.The model also has multiple large or oversized glass windows and staircases.It has 2 to 3 floors and several rooms for the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, and others.Even though this model looks simple, it has a unique and classic aura.The raw cubic design goes well with the color palette, material, and lighting. It is heavily minimalistic.This model features a unique idea for a residential building– a simple geometric shape as a living space.

This model is built for a team of engineers who is looking for a modern home design to be presented as their latest project.Looking closely, the design is neat, thus giving them enough creative space to work around the model.This conceptual scale model uses the scale of 1:50.