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Project Description

Project Description:

This is a conceptual architecture model for a Genetic Research Center.It presents a modern design that puts emphasis on minimalism, clean lines, and neutral color.Each building possesses a unique shape finished with elegant, smooth curves.The different outlines of each building can serve to classify the workplaces based on their needs or function.The crisp white walls suggest a clean environment for conducting research.The white-colored walls can also represent a blank canvas upon which the researchers can start with.

The overall innovative design implies a workplace geared towards creating novel and ingenious solutions through research.Furthermore, being a genetic research center, it plays a significant role in advancing science and technology as it primarily deals with the study of the process by which characteristics are passed on from generation to the next and why variations in inherited characteristics occur.Thus, the gaps between buildings are addressed by the constructed pathways that connect one building to another.This connectivity is especially important when conducting research as different departments are interrelated with each other