Conceptual Scale Model – Exhibition Space

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Project Description

Project Description:

Shown above is the conceptual scale model of an exhibition space.It must be noted that an exhibition space is an area wherein items, typically those related to art, are showcased for public viewing.This architectural model shows a spacious design which is especially favorable when viewing art pieces.Providing enough space for each piece of art allows the audience to experience and enjoy the artwork in his own space.

The different sections separated by walls can serve as a means to divide exhibition pieces based on their theme.An artist’s exhibition usually revolves around a central theme and the artworks can be grouped together in order to create a bigger impact.Some translucent dividers have also been set up around the exhibition space.This detail can add both a creative and a dramatic effect to the artist’s exhibition.The conceptual scale model features a simple design, but the addition of details as the translucent dividers will provide the viewers with a unique experience.Thus, the exhibition space is just as important as the art pieces.