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Project Description

Project Description:

This model of an artist’s residence is nothing short of artistic.It is cubic in form and comes in three different designs.What set this model apart from others is that it uses glass as walls so that the house beams are shown, revealing its raw beauty.You can also have a glimpse of the interior. In one design, the wall is alternately covered with wood and glass, thus forming a checkered pattern.The exterior is painted in white.

The interior of the house displays beauty and elegance.The walls of the rooms are made of wood.Like the exterior, the rooms are all about quadrilaterals.Unlike the exterior, the wooden material remains unpainted, thus creating a blend of brown and white color.The staircase is made of white cardboard and is spiral in design. Everything is cleverly positioned, so there is balance in the structure. It is intricate and highly detailed that it has taken more than one month to complete one of the cubic models. This model of an artist’s residence is set to be constructed as part of a new village in Barcelona, the city of artists.