Conceptual and Volumetric School Architecture Scale Model

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Project Description

Project Description

Generally, schools with big campuses always have a majestic and intricate design on their buildings.Similarly, this model shows the viewers a really well-designed campus that is made out of wood materials and PVCWith a model this huge, it took the designer a total of 5 to 7 days to complete the whole structure and its elaborate details.

As we can see, most of the structures from the side have not been detailed as compared to the main one in the middle. This is most likely because the designer wants to put more emphasis on the main building situated in the middle of the campus. He also classily designed the buildings using a warm color scheme of light brown, a bit of black, and a slightly darker shade of white. This design that he made is a unique one in a sense that it combines the use of small structures and bridges as additional parts of the overall architecture of the building.

Starting with the entrance of the campus, the first building is a long one that stretches to both ends of the compound. Right before the entrance are two roads that lead to the main entrance where you can go inside.This is where the cars can come and drop off the students, faculties, or any other visitors to the school.

As you enter the main entrance, you will be led into an outdoor area where the next few buildings can be seen right ahead. There are a few walkways made out of white concrete in this area that ultimately leads you to the next building ahead.

Aside from that, we can also see two sets of small elevated structures connected by two bridges.One can access these bridges by going to the second floor of the first building.The bridges will give you access to the other buildings in the compound as well. Altogether, the campus is created to be spacious enough to fit hundreds of people. Plus, it has an overall look that depicts elegance and innovation.