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Project Description

Project Description

The model is a representation of the land area of a Bosch manufacturing site.The compound shows us two separate manufacturing centers separated by a lot of greenery.This was designed and created by a team of architects in a span of one week.

If we look at the entire compound, we can see that it is predominantly filled with a lot of pleasing sceneries where people could relax.The whole land area is filled with a turf of clean cut grass that gives off a natural feel on the environment. Also, we can see that there are a lot of bushes in the area, thus making it pleasing to the eyes. Around the compound, we can find walkways leading from one building compound to the other. This allows the workers and the supervisors to access all areas with ease.

With regard to the buildings, they are both painted in white which is the color of choice of the architects for the design.They are not high rising buildings, but they are built to expand sideways giving more room for equipment and other things needed in a manufacturing plant.

Its design is built more for efficiency rather than design, as we can see in the model.Both of the buildings have many entrances so that it’s easy for people to get in and get out.. Additionally, the model is designed in a classic square shape so that the workers will not easily get lost.

In order to create the scale model, the designers made use of mainly PVC for complete durability. As for the base, it was made mainly of wood and covered with artificial turf grass to show as realistically as possible, how the final outcome will be like.