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Project Description

Project Description

The Project design was first revealed by the Pitesti Local Council back in September 2016. Now, the planning and construction of the newest multifunctional hall in the city of Pitesti are ongoing. This new hall will be taking over the function of the old Trivale Sports Hall of the Department of Youth, Sports, and Social Services. Building the Pitesti Arena, which has an estimated budget of 5 million euros, is cheaper than the reconstruction of the Trivale Sports Hall.

The Pitesti Arena is built in Bessarabia street on an 8,000 sq. m. land. According to the design, it can cater up to 4, 500 seats and about 700 parking spaces. It is shaped like a big gray box on top of a white platform. The parking spaces are located below and at the sides of the arena. To get inside, one has to either climb the stairs or cross a skywalk. Like some arenas, Pitesti Arena does not have a roof. Instead, it makes use of white steelwork beams. The lack of roof allows natural light to come in the Pitesti Arena. At the back of the arena, there is a huge screen, thus allowing those who can’t get inside to watch the game live.

The Macheta Sala de Sport Pitesti Arena is clearly designed to host different kinds of shows and sports competition. These will include football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and even concerts. The designers and developers of the arena hope that it will become the sporting base in Arges County, Romania.

Since the sports hall Arena is an ambitious project, it will require a large funding. Though the local council has covered the most basic expenses, it is still not enough. Thus, the Pitesti city hall is still open to get European funds to materialize the project sooner.