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Project Description

Project Description:

This is an architectural scale model for an urban building development renovation concept project in the Port of Tulcea.The Tulcea port is one of Romania’s largest river ports.Among the many harbours in the port is the Tulcea Harbour.This model shows the creative design of the Tulcea Harbour, including the placement and appearance of the proposed building and the massive breakwaters.The designers have focused on the construction of new and modernized style harbor. They try to portray a creative site design that remains grounded within the local context.

The main building, for instance, is made of laser-cut Plexiglas.The breakwater and jetties are made of the same material.The boardwalks and docks are made of hardwood.Pedestrian paths can be seen along the wooden boardwalks.The docks form several civic spaces where ships can park conveniently.Additional elements such as vegetation are included to make the model look realistic.The urban park near the boardwalk embraces nature.It extends towards the entrance of the main building and is accessible to the public