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Project Description

Project Description:

Premium Aerotec is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of military and commercial aircraft structures in the world. When they planned to branch out to Ghimbav, Brasov in central Romania so they can reach out to their target clients more easily, they hired a team of three architects to work on the project. These architects are asked to work on a Premium Aerotec base design that can cater to the development and production of complex and large aircraft components. The real building is to be 26, 000 sq.m. The architects used the scale 1:500 for their model. Pexiglass is used in its construction while the base is made from a white board. What can be seen in the model is the main building, equipped with interior LED lighting and the parking lot. They keep the model in monochrome to put emphasis on the structure rather than the color. It is also for this reason that there is no added vegetation and miniatures around the structure. When it has been presented to the client, they have been completely satisfied with it.

This architectural model is currently in operation and is located in Brasov, Romania. This building aims to produce and manufacture metal and non-metal gears for aircraft components. Thus, they are continuously innovating new technology to cater to the changing demands of their clients and their growing business.

The model was carefully designed by three architects who were originally hired to reach out to their clients in Brasov easily. These architects’ first project was the Premium Aerotec. Premium Aerotec is recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of military and commercial aircraft configuration. Thus, you can really tell that these men aren’t your typical architects.

Hence, this model was created to give the clients a realistic visual representation of the proposed Premium Aerotec Building. The architects used Plexiglas which is also known as an acrylic sheet. This is a transparent material that is almost similar to a real glass. Plexiglas is used perfectly for scale models since it can easily be shaped, and it is safer to use compared to glass. They used Plexiglas so that they can easily show the client a detailed structure of the building in an accurate manner. The architects intentionally choose the color white for the scale since this emphasizes the external details and features of the building clearly. Additionally, the interior of the model is well-lit with LED lights since these are less prone to heat. These lights are made from epoxy lenses, so this makes them more durable and less prone to breakage. The bright LED lights are also used to indicate safety inside the building while production is going on. The model also includes a spacious parking lot for employees. The base of the scale model is made from a thick whiteboard that can carry the load of the entire building model. Overall, the entire building scale model was delicately and meticulously planned to provide the clients a thorough and clear vision of the building.