Architectural Scale Model of Cosmopolis Residential Complex

/Architectural Scale Model of Cosmopolis Residential Complex
Architectural Scale Model of Cosmopolis Residential Complex 2018-04-16T22:45:47+00:00

Project Description

Project Description:

This is proposed building project of another high-rise residential area designed to exhibit the city’s progression.This structural model is crafted by a team of architects with very creative minds that have a perfect vision of spacious dream houses.As you can see, included in this residential structure are houses, typically high-rise. It also includes parks and other outdoor recreational spaces for a little weekend or a holiday gathering with the family.Surrounding the houses and residential buildings are grass-covered lawns and trees.

 This whole project is handled by professional home developers whose vision is to usher you in making your dreams come true at the soonest time possible.They made use of high quality and concrete materials for the model—blocks, paper, and wood. Synthetic grass and pre-made trees are used for the vegetation. The buildings are all painted in beige, but high-rise buildings have white roofs while two-story to three-story houses have mint green roofs. Buildings near the residential complex are also represented with smaller models.

Generally, this model has achieved its purpose of showcasing the complex’s general landscape.