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Project Description

Medical Facilities Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This scale model is based on a concept for a health centre. Banking on red and green as branding colors, this, health centre exhibits a sleek and modern design. While red represents power and courage, green represents healing, life, and energy. These two complement each other, and fit the theme of health centre colors. The overall structure is a combination of one high-story building and another spacious single-story area. The conceptual architectural model is made of highly versatile and durable material like Plexiglas. Using the top of the line laser and mechanical technology, the pieces are cut and built together to form the overall structure. LED-based lighting system is used to illuminate the exterior and interior of the building, showing what it looks like based on different times of the day. Scenery details and entourage elements, particularly people, provide a comparison with the proportion of the health centre and its surroundings.