Architectural Scale Model – Eco House P+2

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Project Description


Project Description:

This project is for the construction of Eco House P+2.This scale model is beautifully crafted by a team of brilliant architects who manage to complete the entire model within the given timetable. We made use of elements like a green lawn to make it look real in a miniature setting, and we are very specific in terms of our clients’ request on the structural details of this beautiful home that can be your own. As you can see, we designed a spacious driveway and entrance patio to accommodate visitors as they come. We also have a two-door garage that can secure your vehicles any time of the day.The scale model is made of cardboards, foam boards, and wooden blocks for the structure. Synthetic grass and trees, model people figures and cars are also added for accurate visualization. The exterior structure is painted in color white, blue for the roofs, and brown stills. On the rooftop is another room with an artificial cemented pavement and grass outside