Architectural Scale Model – Bavaria Office Centre, Berceni

/Architectural Scale Model – Bavaria Office Centre, Berceni
Architectural Scale Model – Bavaria Office Centre, Berceni 2018-04-16T22:46:24+00:00

Project Description

Project Description: 

This is a proposed project for modernizing Bavaria Office Centre in Berceni, Bucharest. Crafted in stainless steel, high-performance glazing, and patinaed zinc, the office center features a classic impression and outstanding durability that fits the local climate. Reflective metal surfaces and patinaed zinc are built on the east side of the office, showcasing the life and corporate movement that happens inside.This view engages people to take a look for themselves. Carefully crafted to reflect Bucharest’s unpredictable climate, the materials make a dynamic quality that allows the office building to go along with its natural environment and climatic conditions.

Not only does the office center change throughout the daytime, it also transforms its ambiance at night and changes from season to season. The concept revamps the office center’s public platforms through a continuous mirror surface that moves readily through the interior and exterior spaces of the office center. The ceiling meets the walls as one solid structure which features a spatial mass while guiding people – employees and guests alike – through its entry points. The project utilizes top-grade materials sourced within the country itself.