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Project Description

Project Description:

This residential district is a project by Blueprint Architecture which offers accessibility, fun, and coziness in one area.The design is realistically simple which makes each building complex, clean, and easy on the eyes.

The residential district is designed to be an array of separate apartment buildings or complexes rather than typical apartments where each building is interconnected.The design offers spacious yards for everyone to enjoy rather than limited spaces. In the area, there are at least three kinds of apartments which are all distinguished by how big the apartment building is.

The biggest buildings have approximately 4 floors in which the bigger buildings have 3  floors while the small buildings have also approximately 3 floors but differ greatly on the how wide the buildings are. All apartment buildings are uniform in color which are painted cream white with accents of light gray and topped with a dark blue roof. Each apartment unit is designed with balconies as well.Parking space would not be a problem in the residential district since there are abundant spaces which are well distributed throughout the area. In addition, buildings are not cramped up together which offer a breathable design.

The residential area is equipped with functionality and fun since it is complete with an activity area in the middle of the entire residential area. It’s not only spacious for outdoor activities, but it also has two separate pools which vary in sizes.Aside from the swimming pools in the area, the model also shows that there are a lot of empty grassed areas which can be utilized by the future occupants. In addition, there is a dedicated park in the residential area.

The model is made thoroughly with intricate details.The materials used are mostly white PVC.The model has also included lighting details to realistically resemble what it would look like in real life.Details in the grass areas, pools, trees, parking spaces, asphalt roads, and cars are surely not missed out which adds to the realistic aspect of the model. The 3D model is well painted, and the colors chosen contrast well with the rest of the elements, which adds to the elegant factor of the whole project.