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Project Description

Project Description

This full-scale model shows us an intricate design of an airport in Timisoara, Romania. Though the model doesn’t go into the full details of the airport building per se, it does show us the look of the entire land area. This gives us a glimpse of how beautiful of an airport Timisoara can have.

Before going to the airport itself, let’s take a look at the road leading to the airport first. We all know that there is a certain traffic scheme for roads right before the airport. This is to ensure that traffic is smooth for all travelers. In this design, we can see a lot of roundabouts and turns to get to the main airport. There is a big roundabout in the middle of the road area where drivers will have to turn before reaching the airport.

In the middle of the turn and the roundabout is a parking lot. This is for those who are sending off their loved ones or picking them up from the arrival area. We can see that the parking lots are spacious to hold a lot of cars since the airport caters to a lot of passengers every single day. Notice too that the roads before the airport are laden with a lot of trees. This adds to its overall vacation type of look that appeals to travelers. In fact, a lot of trees were arranged in rows so that there is a lot of greenery to be seen. Models of cars were also placed in the scale model to show the implemented flow of traffic when the airport is built.

For the airport, we can see that it is not that huge, but it is long. We can also see airplane models at the back of the airport so that we have an idea as to what the runway will look like and how the planes fit into the overall design. All in all, this airport model has one of the sleekest designs that is made recently. The architect made sure that the general vibe of the area emits a modern, quirky, and fun atmosphere to excite the traveling tourists once they arrive in Romania.