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Project Description

Project Description:

This project shows the initial designs of the Adeplast Power Plant through an architectural scale model. This simple model gives an overview of the supposed finished product of the entire land area that houses the power plant and the structure of the plant itself.

The whole structure, as shown in the model, comprises of several buildings (a total of three), which are evenly distributed into two sections of the land.The sections are separated by a thin strip of turf grass. If you look at the bird’s eye view of the model, you’ll see the first building located at the north end which is colored blue and has a red roof. .  The second structure, at the southern end, is the biggest of the three buildings and is completely colored blue with a grey roof. Lastly, near this structure is a small building of the same color scheme which is the smallest of the three buildings. All in all, the buildings are flawlessly arranged and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

This overall design was created in order to make the flow of the equipment and materials come in easily.As we can see in the model, there are white shapes that represent the trucks and vehicles that come and go from the power plant.This is to show the client the traffic scheme of the land area.This also allows them to see how easy it is for the plant’s vehicles to move around due to a wide land area, thus making it a convenient pathway for all types of vehicles
The model of the building and the vehicles are made out of PVC and the base out of a thin wood board. It was created in a span of 3-4 days by the architect in charge of the plant.