Recent Projects about Architectural Model

/Recent Projects about Architectural Model

Blueprint Models continues to make commissioned projects for its clients. Such projects are known for their high quality.

Greenfield Residential District

An expansion project which involves constructing new P+5 apartment buildings on a large area, the project was made for a residential district in Băneasa, Bucharest. Worked on by a 5-man architect team, the project took a month to complete. The buildings were painted in the color of the client’s liking. It was also made with Plexiglas that is laser-cut, ensuring a high-quality finish. They also added elements that brought more depth and detail to the model that made it look realistic, including an intricate two-circuited lighting system.


Physics Facility of University of Bucharest

This project proved to be a real challenge to architects because of the tight deadline. Nevertheless, it was completed within two weeks. Despite the demand for a high-quality output, the team managed to execute the project well. The model was highly complex and presented with a lot of details in order to exhibit new ideas in the context of campus planning. This is also a great leap from conventional university facility developments. The project was a success and made negotiations with potential investors a lot smoother.


Stejarii Country Club

One of the most complicated projects ever done is the Stejarii Country Club scale model. This model was completed by a team of architects composed of 5 men within 2 months. A lot of attention was put into the defining of details of the country club and adopting a modular design. With the modular design, the model could be easily examined by dividing it into separate parts, like the ground floor, basement, and the roof, and can be assembled back into one piece. Each little feature had been given attention, from the thickness of the walls to the floor finishes. Entourage elements are also given much attention to give the viewer of the model a better perspective.


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