Pieces of Advice for Students Who Want to Make an Architectural Model

/Pieces of Advice for Students Who Want to Make an Architectural Model




This article is aimed towards students who want to learn how to produce quality architectural models. Most of the time, errors are made in their first model project. We will provide you the basic do’s and don’ts in order to avoid these common mistakes in model making.

Purpose of the model

A specific goal must be established in order to create your architectural model. You need to define your purpose and your narrative. You should also consider your budget. The best way to start is to place yourself in a vantage point where you can see the overview of the project by creating a concept from words and try to translate it into drawing. This way, you can plot the vision of your model by establishing a definite concept. Other details can be added later as long as you are sure of your vision.

Choosing the proper scale

There are two things to consider when picking a scale for your model: the area of the model itself and the amount of detail. If you have a big area to show, pick a small scale for it. As a student, you need to be practical on making a model. The only drawback to smaller scales is the loss of detail.

If you need to show specific details of your model, pick a much larger scale. This way, you could highlight the parts that you wanted to appear in your model.

Setting goals

You need to set realistic goals for your project before you can finally choose building techniques and look for the materials you will use. Being too ambitious can lead to an unfinished project. Most of the time, model making can be really frustrating, especially if your vision requires too many details. Thus, you should be able to achieve balance in the construction of the model and your creative vision.


Model making will take a lot of time. However, as long as you have your goals set, your vision clear, and your time and schedule well-managed, you will hardly find it difficult.


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