Model and Product: Similarities in Measurement and Design

/Model and Product: Similarities in Measurement and Design


When planning to create something big, you must first visualize it. Then, you need to create a small-scale model out of your idea. Although there are major differences between the model and the actual product, there are similarities, too.

  • Measurement

It is important for the model and product to be proportional in terms of measurement. The model should simulate the shape and dimensions of the product to further assess its stability when put into real-world physical conditions. The model, however, only uses arbitrary scale measurements.

  • Exterior design

Capture the outer appearance of the final product and display it through your model.  Good first impressions will sell the architectural structure, and first impressions are gotten from the house’s exterior.

The materials needed to design the exterior of the model should be carefully selected in order to make it look like the actual materials you will in the building. Entourage elements like people and trees are also important because they help create a scene that’s likely to happen when the actual product is built.

  • Interior design

Designing the interior parts of your model should be given focus. Add the most essential pieces of furniture in the rooms. Put a bed and a cabinet in the bedroom. The living room should have at least one couch and a TV set. Put a table in the dining room. You don’t need to overdo.

Putting the necessary furniture in appropriate rooms will create a homey feeling, which is something you want to achieve with the final product.

Final Thoughts

Designing an architectural model and constructing the actual building are different in more ways than one. Technology, however, has offered us more than enough help in speeding up the process from designing to implementation. As long as you are clear about what you want to see in the final design of the building, then the construction process will go smoothly.


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