Dollhouse Inspired Miniature Dream House Designs

/Dollhouse Inspired Miniature Dream House Designs

In the most recent exhibition held at the National Building Museum, twenty-four architects and designers are tasked to design dollhouse inspired miniature dream houses. The resulting works of art are exquisite. Different styles are employed, but the unanimous notion is that the whole exhibit is dreamlike.

  1. Mars Tokyo Design’s “Reverie of the Stars”

This exhibit is an attempt to realize and represent the designer’s dream and memory of a coastline in Turkey. At a glance, it depicts a bedroom lost in symbolisms but complemented by the objects’ dreamy vibe. It looks as if a ritual of some sort is going on and that, like a vacuum, pushes you inwards leaving you to only space out.

  1. Resource Furniture and Ollie’s “Transforming Micro Apartment”

This exhibit is a nearly realistic image of an innovative micro-apartment in Carmel Place, New York city. This kind of apartment automatically shape-shifts to tailor fit the needs of the owner. This design shows the smart apartment in action. At a glance, it looks as if you are peeping into a hole looking at another unit. The detail is lifelike and looks as if even at its size, each piece functions like they would in real life.

  1. Nix + Gerber Studio’s “Apartment 6D”

This exhibit has the Star Wars feel in it. It resembles Luke Skywalker’s iconic home in Dantooine. The paint detail is so terrific that if you look at the entrance door, it’s as if you are seeing an actual door of an actual apartment. At a glance, it’s as if you are looking into a mechanic’s apartment.

  1. Paris Renfroe’s “Rejuvenate”

This exhibit is the perfect example of why a perfect lighting is integral in every architectural model. The lighting has made the exhibit more life-like. The plumbing system especially stands out. At a glance, you’ll think you are seeing what looks to be a bathroom. This model literally feels like home


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