Details Scale Models and Special Scale Models

/Details Scale Models and Special Scale Models

The detail models of part of the edifice project the particularly complicated or repetitive elements. These details can be of a constructive nature, but they can also be decorative. With this type of model, the problems of shape, materials, surface textures and colours can be solved. Levels ranged from 1:10 to 1: 1.

Typical details are to be made when there are already quite technical drawings of an advanced project.

The Execution Scale Model

In this phase of the project, the detailed models are constructed to capitalize on the various constructive or formal alternatives of singular aspects. Additionally, the plastic details, the colour and materials are studied in detail models. The detail models are made as an alternative to an architectural element. The habit of applying this model surrounds intersection points of special meshes, even ornamental facade elements.

The Special Scale Models

The group of special models designs, above all, the field of object design, for example, the field of design products and furniture. The most common level is from 1:10 to 1: 1. These models are usually built as a prototype during the initial phase of the project. However, the quality of its construction does not depart much from the final execution model.

Piano Prototype Scale Model – © BLUEPRINT ARCHITECTURE


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