Architectural Scale Model – Working Place

/Architectural Scale Model – Working Place

The models are built both in the big architectural workshops and in the smaller ones. We are not referring only to conceptual and working models for one person, but also to execution models for job-end work, a contest or an exhibition. If we do not always have the necessary means and time (some models require some working days to be ready) to leave the model in the hands of a professional in a workshop, and also want to check and participate in the model construction project, we should devote, in a relatively short time, to finding a specific job for the construction of the models. Working in a narrow place with sharp tools and electric machines may cause a dangerous situation. In the workshops where there are no storage places, the disorder might appear and this leads to creating obstacles instead of developing the creative creation. We must also take into account the fact that we work with very easily flammable materials and solvents and that most of the time the construction of the models can disturb the others through noise, dust and smell.

Generally, the places where the architectural models are built must be well lit and naturally well ventilated! We need to have enough sockets and, of course, hot water source and cold water from a refrigerator. A first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher must be hung up.


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