Architectural Modeling Formula for Real Estate Agencies

/Architectural Modeling Formula for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agents goal is to sell homes and building structures. This can only be achieved if they have a strong marketing scheme and a good portfolio. You must present designs that are appealing to your customers.


In creating picturesque homes and buildings, you need to use the right technologies. You can make architectural models more easily with 3D printers. Start by investing in one. Then, you can follow the tips below.

Raise Development Capital

Whatever your project is, you need to have capital. How else can you get things done? Architectural models can be expensive. However, you can be sure that they are a worthy investment. Create a detailed business plan and financial analysis. Do they match with the plans of the model presented to you? CAD modeling makes it easier to determine the materials you need and calculate the cost you’ll pay in creating the model.

Develop the Structure

You need to hire an architect to come up with a design and idea for a building. Usually, they present a 2D draft. Architects draft the basic outline of the building structure and an advanced model. If they don’t give you a 3D model, you can just use the draft they’ve submitted to create your own. With your 3D printer, the process will not be difficult.

Show Interior Design

A home is not complete without furniture, and a building is lacking without amenities. When you’re creating a model, it will be good if you manage to add small-sized beds, chairs, tables, etc. You can also paint the interior if you wish to add color to the building. However, if the color is not necessary, settle down with white walls.

Market the Finished Product

This is where you apply your specialty. You have to sell the model, so you can sell the house or the building. The model is your aid. Be creative in presenting it to your customers. Show different rooms. Explain the exterior as well as the interior.


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