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About Blueprint Architecture

Working with individual architects and companies since 2002, we discovered the acute need and importance of a model that would accurately reflect a project’s real value and render a realistic view of the designer’s intention.Having seen how effortlessly even non-experts understand what a project is all about by just looking at the model, we felt encouraged to keep going and began to develop a team of young, passionate, meticulous and detail-oriented architects.

Founded in 2006 in Romania (Europe), the Blueprint team first began offering countrywide architectural model-making services from its Bucharest-based HQ. With our “quality over quantity” mindset, we started getting great recommendations, and within 3 years the business expanded abroad, first by word of mouth from the clients we worked with, and then via our BlueprintModels.com website.

Architectural Model Makers - Blueprint Architecture Showreel

Blueprint Architecture is now a team of 15 experienced architects who work on highly sophisticated projects that range from houses to master plan models, delivering satisfying results in most European countries and the United States.

We are keen on keeping a close relationship with the client and are available 18 hours a day via e-mail or phone.During the model building process, we send regular feedback (pictures and video) to our clients, so they can see a real-time progress of their model.

Model packaging and shipping was one of our main priorities when we began receiving international orders, as we deal with very delicate pieces of art. We therefore adapted our methods in the early stages of the model design process in order to connect and secure laser-cut pieces in a way that makes it difficult for them to break or get loose.Model joints are particularly important, as that is where one can really see the straight lines, which enable an accurate visual interpretation.

In Europe, we usually ship the models via trucks, and can reach almost any destination in two business days.In the United States, we use air shipping, which can deliver the goods in about 5 business days.We have contracts with many international transport companies that can offer shipping anytime and, most importantly, they can take care of the customs for you, saving you time and energy, and deliver the models to your door without much effort on your part.

We make a constant effort to keep up with technology and we always acquire the latest instruments and machines the international market has to offer. Almost all pieces are obtained through laser-cutting, CNC routing, 3d printing and mold-making, i.e. computerized precision.The parts are assembled under the close supervision of our architects, and the resulting model is then photographed and sent to our clients for feedback.

To conclude, we are eager to start working on your projects, and we’ll be sure to do our best, because we know that the brand of our company is like a person’s reputation. Ou earn it by trying to do hard thins well.