5 Dollhouses with British Domesticity Theme

/5 Dollhouses with British Domesticity Theme

There is something about miniature houses and tiny objects that impress us. The little embellishments and intricate designs of dollhouses are something that we can appreciate. It’s sometimes a wonder how someone can make such elaborate structures on so small a scale.

In this article, we will not be talking about the mass-produced dollhouses that are made mostly out of plastic. Here, we’ll explore 5 dollhouses from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood. These dollhouses aren’t your typical plaything. They’re more like an excellent representation of the British architectural designs. Because of their historical value, these are now considered as important relics and are stored at the museum for safe keeping.

  1. The Tate Baby House

Handed from generations to generations, this stunning dollhouse depicts a bedroom designed specifically for childbirth. From the looks of it, it’s easy to see how child bearing was practiced back in the 1970s.

5 Dollhouses with British Domesticity Theme The Tate Baby House

  1. The Henriques House

A typical townhouse, this ancient dollhouse gives off an 18th-century look. It’s full of graceful terraces and matching indoor furnishings that have an elegant touch.

5 Dollhouses with British Domesticity Theme The Henriques House

  1. Whiteladies House

This house shows the classic look of houses from a time when the architecture is heavy inspired by fashionable and modern elements. The house is painted in white with a touch of chrome.

W.3-1937 Dolls' house Whiteladies House; Whiteladies dolls' house made in England in 1935 Moray Thomas; William Purse; Claude Flight (1881-1955), Claude Flight painted some of the murals in the house; Patrick F RBA Millard (1902-1977), P F Millard painted the mural over the fireplace in the living room. England 1935 Moulded and painted wood

  1. The Hopkinson House

A mini house is set to portray what it’s like to be living during World War 2. It’s complete with gas masks, torches, and ration books. You can really appreciate the architectural style and the history this dollhouse brings.

5 Dollhouses with British Domesticity Theme The Hopkinson House

  1. Jenny’s Home

This dollhouse has a more modern look than the rest. It’s a 1960s high-rise building with tiny people inside going about their business.

Jenny’s Home


These are just some of the awesome collections from the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood. If you are interested to know more and see other dollhouses, you can visit the museum.





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