Why 3D Print Architectural Modelling is the Next In-thing in Architectural Design

31 January 2018
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31 January 2018, Comments 0

Why 3D Print Architectural Modelling is the Next In-thing in Architectural Design

Today’s architectural industry landscape has become increasingly competitive. Everything has gone fast-paced due to the growing number of talent and the widespread of information. Thus, to meet the exigent tastes of the clients without missing the project’s deadline, attention to detail and the lifelikeness of the models are sacrificed to the extent that the resulting design may look crude. At times, it may seemingly look unfinished.

As a result, some architectural firms totally gave up on the traditional hand-made architectural modeling and incorporated 3D printing in their projects to catch up with their clients’ demands and at the same time, to become more competitive.

What made 3D printing an increasing trend in architecture? Here are the four reasons why 3D print architectural modeling is the next in-thing in architectural design:

  1. Time and cost

3D printing models not only dramatically decrease project time but it also cuts the project cost especially if copies of the designs are required. This is otherwise challenging if the designs are hand-made.

  1. No need to start from scratch

If major revisions are required, there is no need to remodel the whole diorama from nothing. Now, all that needs to be revised is the plate for the 3D printer! This is also true for minor revisions. Since the model can be modularized, segments of the design which need to be improved or changed no longer need to be hand-made from scratch! Neat!

  1. Fast reusability

Imagine making a design in Europe and within a few minutes, printing it in Asia. This is now possible using 3D printing. Because plates are digitalized, they can now be sent and printed anywhere as long as an internet connection and a 3D printer are available.

  1. There are no complex designs

Designs which used to be challenging if hand-made are now easy to produce and reproduce through 3D printing. There is virtually no design which cannot be printed!

The takeaway

If there are means to 3D print architectural models, there is no reason an architectural firm will hesitate to incorporate this technological marvel in their projects.




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