Parcul National Defileul Jiului
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Topographical Model of an Mountainous Area HEADER

Project description

Made entirely using Router 3D, this is the scale model of a geographical area along the Jiu Valley, displayed as the central piece at a tourist centre in Bumbești City, Jiu. The project features the entire valley and its surrounding areas, and special attention was paid to meadows, forests, watercourses and trails. The model consists of three sections (in order to ease transportation and handling) that were assembled when they reached their destination. It is to be used for education-related purposes by students who wish to plan trips in the area, but also to help identify certain elements more accurately, such as landmarks, and local flora and fauna. It took approximately one month to complete. The team consisted of 3 architects, and the staff working on procurement, entourage element production and machinery operation.

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