Scale Model – Tourist Guest House, Bucegi

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Turist Resort in Carpathian Mountains Archtiectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This project model is for a proposal of a Tourist Guest House which is to be built in near the Bucegi Mountain in Romania. The model shows a detailed structure of a dreamy white guest house in a quiet but centrally located area. The guest house is divided into three different buildings. Each building has two stories. Since the client wants to focus on the exterior design, the interiors of each building are not given any details. Made of wooden material, the guest houses a sturdy. The roofing design is quite unique as there is a section that can be opened and closed, depending on the weather in Bucegi. Each building can be found at a safe distance from each other. Between them, the designers are planning to add a pathway so the tourists can easily travel to and fro each other. The mountainous landscape of Bucegi is well-represented in the model. Trees are added for a more realistic feel. Also surrounding houses and buildings made of cardboard and painted in white complete the landscape.

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