Scale Model – Romanian Hermitage Prodromu, Athos Mountain

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Prodromu Montastery in Athos Holy Mountain Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This is a project proposal of an exclusive 5-storey Prodromu strategically located at Athos Mountain. This scale model is beautifully crafted by a team of brilliant architects who manage to complete it within the given timetable. We make use of detailed elements like high trees and internal building lights to make the model look real from daylight until dawn. We are very specific in terms of our clients’ request on the structural details of this beautiful building for religious ministers in this mountainous area. We make a cathedral dome at the center of the enclosed vicinity to sustain religious ceremonies held by ministers each day. This project will be handled and furnished by professional developers at the soonest time possible. The geographic location of this building is carefully studied by the experts and will utilize only high-quality materials to make the building and its foundation stand firm through time. We also have an exceptional landscape within the area to blend with its surrounding environment, making it a suitable place of a peaceful ambient for our beloved ministers.


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