Scale Model – Recovery Centre for the Elderly

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Residences for Elderly People Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project description

This is a scale model of recovery centre for the elderly in Constanta County. The 1:200 model used white Plexiglas for buildings, white and gray PVC for the ground, and synthetic grass for vegetation areas. A 2-architect team completed the project in 10 days.

This residential project is especially made for the elderly residents of Constanta County. The whole landscape of the area was inspired by the idea of giving the group of third-age citizens a relaxing and peaceful neighborhood. The buildings were colored in white to make the whole area appear to be spacious and tidy—the total opposite of the seemingly busy bursts of light and colors from the city. The rest of the area is filled with trees and fresh green grass. The perfect outdoor view for every third-age citizen, this also makes outdoor walks and lawn meetings more enjoyable as the presence of these natural elements will give them clean and fresh air, making the whole residential area a healthy place for them to stay. The model for this project was created by two architects using white plexiglass for the buildings and synthetic lawn covering for the land areas.

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