Scale Model of Inline House District and Detail Scale Model

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Row Houses Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This project proposal highlights a neighbourhood of identical houses. The inline house district shows fine details for every house and brings an atmosphere of collectivity and productivity in every home. Using selected materials that represent the real houses, the architects paid attention to every texture and colour scheme used. The row of houses has four terraces per house, which is perfect for sunset and sunrise viewing from both sides. Each house has its own fenced yard, and there is a garage space in between. While there are four houses in one row, the space does not feel cramped, as the yards are situated on both sides per house. The entourage details, which include cars, tiny people, grass, plants, roads, and lampposts, show the proportion of the houses and their surroundings. More so, the details provide the viewers an idea of how easy and comfortable it is to live in such district.

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