Scale Model – Graduation Project: Navy Museum

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Navy Center in Helsinki Finland Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

Intricate linings and design is presented in this scale model, a graduation project showing a Navy Museum. Defying the shape of most museums regarding the topic of marine and navy items, this model follows a curved bottom both inclining on both sides in different degree angles resembling a deck of a ship. Connected to the sea, this promotes a more scenic experience for the visitors of museum. It also showcases an opening at the top of the “deck” for a more actual experience of the scenic view. To make the model more realistic, wired trees were inserted in the landscape. A skylight in the middle of the deck provides the involvement of natural skylight. Several support materials are connected to the structure for safety purposes. The one-tone color of the model helps this design to be one of a kind. An appealing exterior design showcases unique and outstanding creativity of the creators. It shows that they are ready for their profession. In conclusion, this scale model showcases a creative design of a futuristic minimalist.

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