Scale Model – “Dusan si Fiul” Restaurant, Resita Caras Severin

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Dinner and Restaurant Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project description

This is the scale model of a hotel restaurant in Resita, commissioned in order to present the establishment’s tables, chairs and furniture capacity, as well as its decorations. There are two types of tables, for eight and ten people, placed in separate drawers that are incorporated in the model. Another drawer contains approximately 150 chairs that can be positioned in the model according to the necessary capacity. The scale model can be extremely useful for event planning activities, as it allows organisers to first make miniaturized arrangements before moving the actual furniture. The paintings were photographed and then miniaturized, and are exact copies of the real ones, and the lighting system closely imitates the ones on location. This type of model takes two weeks to complete. You can find further information here.

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