Graduation Scale Model Project – Apartment Buildings

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Social Housing Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This project is for a low rise apartment building in the heart of a busy city. The design and structure of this building are specifically created in a triangular, geometric shape to emphasize the special design and uniqueness of the building. This three-sided framework and sharp angled model aim to be one of the most recognizable infrastructures, set to be the focal point of the city.

The model has three set of elevations, opened, closed and compromised, which are arranged within the layout of the building. The skylight roofing is made as per client’s request for a natural lighting. This building is specifically created to be constructed on a spacious yet enclosed area. This 1:2000 model used Plexiglas for the building walls while the windows are left without tint. The tree element around the model is made out of Loofah. The structure also shows existing buildings and surroundings in a low detail. The ground of the model is made by cardboard. This project model took 8 days to complete



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