Concept Scale Model – Multifunctional Centre, Grozavesti Park

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Urban Development Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project Description:

This project proposal for Grozavesti Park calls for the construction of a multifunctional centre in the middle of the vibrant and scenic park. This concept scale model includes three separate buildings that form a triangle, with routes easily available from all sides. Using connected pathways, access to each building is convenient, as well as the main road. This concept model is made of Plexiglas, which adds sophistication to the multifunctional centre, and using high-end laser and mechanical energy, the parts are carefully cut to build the concept store. To see the proportion between the multifunctional centre and the surroundings, scenic details such as trees and roads are added. The concept representation is not too high and the floor area used is ample enough to maximize space without sacrificing nature. This concept emphasizes a working, convenient, and useful multifunctional centre while being aware of the environment by continuously preserving nature.

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