Architecture Freshman Year Scale Model (Volumetrical Shapes)

Student scale models - university graduation and high school certification projects
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Volumetrical Shapes Architectural Scale Model HEADER
Project description

This is a freshman year assignment (Ion Mincu Architecture Faculty in Bucharest) titled “Artist residence”, designed to bring together a living area, a workroom and an exhibition space. The project consists of 2 studies: a) the actual building made up of 9 cubical modules (each forming a bay) that together form a larger cube, with a column and girder-based structure, and b) the internal staircases; the modules are built on a 1:25 scale, for higher detail accuracy, while the residence is built on a 1:50 scale and divided into 3 sections in order to allow a better view of the internal compartmentalization. The model is made entirely of white Forex. It took 7 days to complete.

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