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Gift Model of a House HEADER

Project Description:

This is a proposed project for constructing stone houses at a small villa in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Each house, roughly estimated to measure 50 – square meter each, is built out of solid stone, as the material is swifter and more economical to craft with as compared to concrete or other similar constituents. According to client’s preference, limestone is the primary element for construction in order to save on manufacturing costs as it is deemed to be the most economical. These stone houses are designed to match the typical and local architecture of the country. It derives inspiration from a small town in Sri Lanka, which features concrete stone walls, entryways, and windows. Sizable limestones in its most massive forms are load-bearing, hold and release humidity from the environment, and make purpose-efficient structures without unreasonable price tags. These single-floor stone houses have a U-shaped plan in the middle that encloses a small pond and a garden. Each house features a ceiling window which meets the floor, and the stone walls are designed to be displayed on the inside and be seen from the outside.

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