Architectural Scale Model – Office Building, Grozăvești area, Orhideea Towers

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Iluminated Office Building Architectural Scale Model HEADER

The office building is located in the Grozăvești/Basarab Bridge area in Bucharest. It took 30 days to complete the two structures and their surroundings. One of the building blocks has 15 floors, and the other has 12. The lighting was done selectively, so as to imitate reality. The buildings’ LED system uses cold neon light, while the street lighting uses warm light. The graphics and piece placement for the curtain façade were computer-generated, and the sticker cut-outs were subsequently made with a cutter-plotter. Entourage elements include cars, lighting poles and people, and the green areas surrounding the buildings are made of synthetic grass. You can take a look inside the building and see the detailed scale model of a floor HERE.

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