Architectural Scale Model – Megasimitis Factory, Constanța

Gift scale models, Industrial scale models - factories, warehouses
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Gift Model of a Cereal Plant Architectural Scale Model HEADER

Project description

This model was a gift the employees of the Megasimitis bakery product factory offered their manager. The 1:500 (A3 format) model was built entirely based on photographs, as no blueprints were available. We used Plexiglas, painted in various colours, in order to shape the model as closely as possible to the actual factory. The factory’s logo was placed above the main entrance, and next to it there is a metalex plate on which we engraved a message for the manager: “Happy birthday!”. The model is equipped with a basic lighting system consisting of two warm light LEDs. The cars in the parking were made in low detail and painted in red in order to create a pleasant visual contrast with the rest of the model. It took 3 days to complete (urgent order). It was shipped to Constanța by an express delivery service.

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