Architectural Scale Model – Continental Office Building, Timisoara

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Continental Office Building Architectural Scale Model HEADER

This is a structural representation of the Continental Office Building project in Timisoara, Romania. You can see the new model for the building of the leading German automotive supplier factory specializing in tires, chassis and safety, brake systems and interior electronics, which serves as the company’s expansion project in Timisoara and depicts the newly inaugurated 2,200 square metered office building. The model is based on the construction project which is part of the 12-million-euro investment for expanding the production area and 5000 square metered warehouse. The design for Continental AG, better known as Continental, showcases the white and blue structure with a touch of yellow rooftops. With a pop of color from the environment and an added true-to-life touch of green spaces, streets and automobiles, the modular office for the automotive and transportation industry is highlighted. Manned by an architectural team, the project shows an aesthetically pleasing combination of color and design.

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