Architectural Scale Model – “22 Decembrie” Pedestrian Area, Piatra Neamt

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Scale Model of a Pedestrian Walk HEADER

Located in Romania is the urban center of Piatra Neamt which is redesigned and restructured in this architectural model. With the goal of making the pedestrian area look more attractive and avoid the impending traffic, this large-scale depiction of Neamt’s pedestrian area is a visually satisfying scale model. Serving as part of the “Integrated Plan of Urban Development Piatra Neamt,” the project to refurbish the infrastructure of Piatra Neamt is highly evident in this fresh take on the city’s historical structure. With this design, the improvements lead to the site being a tourist spot, and a popular place to visit. It consists of buildings and houses with detailed portrayals of the structure’s ornaments such as green spaces, vehicles and other decorative. With a combination of urban and traditional design, the area has been improved with new spaces, streets and routes.

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