2018 February

27 February 2018
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The Architectural Model of an Interior Space

27 February 2018, Comments 0

These models usually have a general, unique interior space or a sequence in a space. The mission of interior spaces models, carried out at […]

24 February 2018
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The Structure Architectural Scale Models

24 February 2018, Comments 0

This type of architectural model presents the structure of an edifice without reducing its overall shape. These structures are used to explain the use, […]

23 February 2018
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The Architectural Scale Model of an Edifice

23 February 2018, Comments 0

Depending on the solution provided on a particular theme, the scale of a model of an edifice is generally 1: 500 or 1: 200 […]

22 February 2018
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The General Layout Architectural Scale Models and Urbanistic Models (The overall architectural scale models)

22 February 2018, Comments 0

The Greenfield Residential Complex Model-© BLUEPRINT ARCHITECTURE               The group of overall architectural scale models is divided into urban architectural models, building architectural models, […]

21 February 2018
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The Architectural Scale Model of a Garden (Park and Public Spaces)

21 February 2018, Comments 0

We call the architectural model of a garden the partial representation of a landscape architectural model to a higher level: 1: 500, 1: 200, […]

20 February 2018
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The landscape architectural scale model

20 February 2018, Comments 0

The scale model of a land includes the topographical characteristics, the shape of the land and the changes made in the new project. The […]

19 February 2018
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Topography Architectural Models

19 February 2018, Comments 0

The topographic architectural models are used to reproduce an existing land, garden, or landscape. Some themes of reproduction of urban spaces such as parks, […]

13 February 2018
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Typologies of Architectural Scale Models

13 February 2018, Comments 0

In general, in the architectural scale models there are presented bodies, surfaces and bars. These bulky, planimetric or linear bases are used, for example, […]

13 February 2018
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Introductory Elements in the Understanding of Architectural Models

13 February 2018, Comments 0

Architecture is not only generated by drawings and layouts but is also fundamentally represented through these two means of communication. In the exercise of […]

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